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Introducing the TouchPoint™ School Fundraising Program

Why TouchPoints?

Stress is universal, and so are TouchPoints. Anyone from students and parents to administrators and teachers can benefit from these game-changing wearables that relieve stress, increase focus, and improve performance using neuroscientific technology. When you stress less, you can do more. We want to support students by giving them a tool to reduce stress and be more productive.

How does it work?

1. Apply. Public, private, and charter schools at the elementary, middle school, high school, and collegiate levels nationwide are eligible. Use the form below to apply.

2. Share. If approved, you'll receive a custom link and marketing collateral for promotion. Spread the word and share the link with friends, family, and school employees. Anyone who buys using your link will contribute to your profits.

3. Collect. Every quarter, we'll send your school a check with 20% of the net proceeds from sales made through that custom link. Spend your earnings however you choose for your school.

Apply today

How are touchpoints being used in schools today?