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What are TouchPoints?

TouchPoints™ are twin neuroscientific wearables that are worn on either side of the body preventatively or on-the-spot for 15 minutes before, during or after a stressful situation.

Using gentle, haptic microvibrations called BLAST (bilateral alternating stimulation tactile), TouchPoints give the user a gentle vibration that affects the brain and alters the body's fight, flight or freeze response to restore calm nervous system functioning.

This not only helps to reduce the amount of perceived stress experienced, but also the associated body sensation that comes with it (i.e. stomach butterflies or tightness in the chest).

Having the ability to think rationally without an associated body sensation helps the brain create new neural pathways that are net positive, and this has a lasting effect on your brain. Now the next time you think of that same stressful situation, it doesn’t feel so bad!

Who can benefit from TouchPoints?

Everyone can benefit from using TouchPoints because everyone at some point or another has had to deal with stress! From busy moms managing their to-do list to hyperactive children and hardworking executives, new neuroscience and technology has given us the opportunity to treat stress in an entirely new way. TouchPoints have also been reported to help cope with conditions such as Parkinson's, Autism, ADHD, PTSD because stress exacerbates symptoms of these conditions.

What's the difference between TouchPoints Original and Basic?

TouchPoints Basic and Original offer the same Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile (BLAST) technology, and there's no difference in efficacy between the two models.

The key differentiator is that one is app controlled (TouchPoints Original) and the other is not (TouchPoints Basic).

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