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Tracy Bitterolf, Co-Founder and CEO of Bundl

“I wore TouchPoints before I had to get on stage for one of the biggest presentations of my life. I had sweaty palms and my heart was racing as I prepared to pitch my company Bundl, a long-term rental service for premium baby items, to a panel of judges and a room of 200 other female founders at the Project Entrepreneur Venture Competition. Within minutes my stress level went from a 7 on a scale of 1-10 all the way down to a 1, and I’m thrilled to say I nailed it”

Camilla Olsen, Savitude

"I wore them prior to my dress rehearsal and final talk at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield NY 2017. Typically, my heart races so that my hands shake during talks. The TouchPoints really did calm me down! They made a noticeable difference in my heart rate and no shaking. I am so glad that I bought them."

A. Lowe

"Working in an industry that thrives under pressure, constant deadlines and last minute changes can have a negative affect on even the calmest of souls. After trying them just once, I noticed a difference I've never experienced before. The almost "instant calming" effect was mind-blowing. Breathing techniques can take time to kick in, but the TouchPoints managed to take my mind off the situation and restored calm throughout my entire body within minutes. I would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with anxiety or panic attacks, or a highly-pressured job. No prescriptions, just a simple response our bodies need to restore you back to a healthy state of mind."

Candace Gilkerson

"My 8 year old son Eli has Autism and recently started using [TouchPoints™]. I was so excited to receive this on scholarship. The first time I handed him his [TouchPoints™] to have him get a feel for it, he literally started breathing deeper and he relaxed into his seat. It was kind of amazing. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product. I'm excited to continue to see how TouchPoints will benefit my son."

Rita Hart

“I write with cautious optimism because we are only on day 2 of using TouchPoints. My 8-year-old has ADD and ODD, and every day was becoming a nightmare with temper tantrums, anger and an inability to sit still even for a few minutes. When she slept, she was grinding her teeth and thrashing her limbs. Homework was taking 2.5 hours, usually with 2 tantrums thrown in.

Yesterday, when the TouchPoints arrived, I charged them. At 3:30 p.m., I put them on her. At 4:30, her homework was done, she had not raised her voice once (Even when I had to help her correct some answers) and she was sitting in the chair perfectly still. She then gave me a hug. I couldn't believe it!!! This morning, after I put them on her to wear to school, she was calm, sweet and agreeable - the little girl I had lost over the past two years was back. I want to cry at the difference in her, and I'm praying this will be the solution we've dreamed of, without using medication.


Gina George

"I have been suffering from insomnia for about three months. I can't even begin to tell you how hard I slept and how rested I felt. Used them for two nights, skipped a night. Couldn't get to sleep and when I did, it wasn't restful sleep. I was in so my fibromyalgia pain today, I didn't realize how much my pain was eased after getting such good, restful sleep. I will definitely not be skipping another night without my TouchPoints!"

Wanda Gibson

"Thank you for giving me my wonderful husband back! He was deployed 9 years ago and returned a very different man. Angry. Impatient. Depressed. Argumentative. Trouble sleeping. Diagnosed with PTSD. He’s tried getting help through counselling and medication, but no improvement lasted long.

Enter TouchPoints. He was skeptical and worried that I had wasted our money purchasing them. I convinced him to try the sleep setting and the first night he slept better than he had in years!

We are now three months out from the purchase. My sweet, gentle, kind husband has returned. He’s used them almost daily since then and I have no doubt that he has built new neuropathways which has helped him cope with the daily stresses that he encounters. He feels a million times better and is now equipped to deal with difficult situations with hope.

I’m so grateful to The Touchpoint Solution for making these available."

Kayla Busse

"Luciano is a profoundly gifted student who struggled last year to stay in his seat, focus during class and socialize appropriately with his peers. He was given TouchPoints to try and for the first time in his schooling career, he was actually able to sit for about a 30-minute period of time and completed a whole lesson on code.org!

A former teacher purchased a set of TouchPoints for Luciano to use during the school day and with their use, he has made drastic improvements in the classroom. He is learning how to use them appropriately, how to know when he should turn them on and off, etc. It's still a work in progress, but he is less apt to emotional breakdowns, has less outbursts towards his peers, and academically he is catching up as his behaviors in the past kept him from performing and learning at his true ability."

Bill from New Mexico

“My wife and I have been full time RVing for 3 months now and have traveled 3500+ miles so far. I typically get very stressed and anxious while driving in cities and other congested areas. I have PTSD from Vietnam and can become anxious and frustrated in an instant, which is quite stressful for my wife. I discovered TouchPoints & ordered the Original product. I received it while in Houston, Texas, where I strapped them on. My wife was immediately impressed with how relaxed I became and how I was no longer yelling at how other drivers needed to take a “driver’s training class!” I also felt much more relaxed and comfortable even while driving in congested areas! Also, whenever I am anticipating an ‘anxiety producing’ moment, I have been wearing TouchPoints to help reduce my anxiety by 50%+! My wife and I are VERY impressed with how well the TouchPoint product helps reduce my anxiety!”